Studies and Teaching

Research and teaching are closely linked. Without the opportunity to pass on our acquired knowledge to the next generation, research would be useless. That is why we are continuously improving and expanding our teaching offer.

On E-Learning you can see which courses we offer in the current semester. Below you can also see an overview of our regularly offered courses with more detailed explanations. Furthermore, you will find overviews or offers for final theses or study projects below.

Each semester we offer a range of interesting and informative courses. These include lectures for bachelor and master students, as well as seminars. Here you can learn more about the courses we offer on a regular basis.

The following topics are currently advertised at the Chair of Software Engineering, are being worked on, or have been successfully completed. Of course, unsolicited requests are always welcome.

As the Chair of Software Engineering, we offer a variety of software projects that deal with the development of software programs for current research topics as well as issues from industry.

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