Students win the Bridgefield Award

24.03.2023 -  

At this year's Bridgefield Award, the two students Wiebke Outzen and Hannes Stützer achieved first and second place. Both works are in the field of model-based safety analysis of safety-critical systems.

The work "Concept for Intuitive Visualisation of Safety Analysis Results for a Model-Based Design Process" by Wiebke Outzen deals with the presentation of analysis results in an easily understandable form. For this purpose, the process of model creation and safety analysis and the tasks of the people involved in it were considered.

Hannes Stützer's work "Formal Verification of Simulink Models" deals with the extension of a system verification framework for the analysis of Simulink models. Through his work, considerably more models can be analysed, making the framework more versatile.

Congratulations Wiebke and Hannes. Great work!!

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