vacuum-robotAutonomous mobile robots gain more and more importance. In the nearest future, they will be a part of everyday life. Therefore, it is critical to make them as reliable and safe as possible even in an environment cluttered with unexpectedly moving obstacles. We develop a real-time capable path planning algorithm for mobile robots in dynamic environments that considers the robot’s dynamic properties, predicts future obstacle motion and calculates safe paths either to the goal or to a fail-safe state. Future risks of a path are estimated to not lead a robot into a situation where a collision is inevitable. The future obstacle motion is included by determining probability sections for the moving obstacles. The method should try to minimize the negative consequences of a collision, when it is already not possible to avoid it. In the case that no safe waypoint can be added to a path a state will be determined where the collision risk is as minimal as possible and where the robot will get the fewest harm in case of a collision (e.g., the robot turns in a position that a collision has the fewest consequences).

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