Publication: Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods (TSPN)

The Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods (TSPN) is a generalization of the TSP where points are replaced by neighborhoods and the goal is to find a minimum cost tour through the set of neighborhoods visiting each of them once.

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The paper "Robotic Task Sequencing Problem: A Survey" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

Our paper "Robotic Task Sequencing Problem: A Survey" by Sergey Alatartsev, Sebastian Stellmacher and Frank Ortmeier was published in the Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems by Springer-Verlag.

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Master's degree program in Digital Engineering

The CSE working group is in charge of creating and improving the Master's degree program in Digital Engineering.

The Master's degree course is aimed at students with a Bachelor's or Diplom degree in engineering or computer science. The course provides comprehensive knowledge for the development, design and operation of complex and technical products and systems, such as those found in mechanical engineering or the automotive industry. It also qualifies graduates for demanding employment and management functions to support and implement projects for the use of modern IT solutions, e.g. virtual and augmented reality, in engineering applications and in areas of industrial, industry-related and scientific research.

The degree program teaches important skills for conducting scientific research and industrial pre-development. This is achieved through a combination of computer science methods and engineering concepts and fields. Special project work, which goes beyond comparable courses, prepares students for the particular challenges of interdisciplinary research. A major focus is placed on specialist content on the latest technologies in the development and operation of engineering solutions as well as on the teaching of methodological skills, which are a necessary prerequisite for these successful applications. Selected contents of the course are offered in coordination with partners from industry-related research and applied sciences. The key competencies lie in interdisciplinary communication and project work, which enable students to take on management and interface positions thanks to their interdisciplinary knowledge.

Further information on the Master's degree program can be found on the official homepage

A list of courses currently available in English can be found here: LV-Digi-Eng 

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New homepage has been released

You may have noticed that the homepage looks a little different from the version you saw last time. We are pleased to present our new and modern website layout together with a completely revised sitemap. Now it's even easier to find the information you're looking for.

As with any large project, errors can occur. Therefore, we expect strange behavior with links, inconsistencies due to data migration, etc. If you notice anything like this or are simply looking for content that you can't find, please contact us. We will do our best to fix the issues.

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Seminare am Lehrstuhl für Software Engineering im aktuellen Semester

Please note our seminar topics for the current summer semester. Further information can be found on our lecture page.

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Mobile Software Systems (MSS)

Problem: Social networks have so far been largely virtual. In this project, a prototype is being developed to investigate how virtual networks and real physical activities can be linked. The object of investigation is the domain of popular sports. Together with the sports center and the city of Magdeburg, a mobile assistant is to be created that increases individual sporting motivation.

Content: The core element of the work is the conception and implementation of a mobile application and the associated server structure. The technology used is Android, the programming is done in JAVA. Hardware is provided.

Benefit: You are actively working on an implementation that will be used for current research topics. The resulting application is to be used as a prototype in several stages, initially for university sports and later also for popular sports in the Magdeburg area.

ContactFrank Ortmeier  

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Problem: Research and teaching at universities are supported by highly complex processes. These include preparing courses, evaluating performance, submitting research proposals, informing students, indexing relevant literature and, last but not least, the academic work itself. Unfortunately, there are only a few individual IT solutions for these processes.

Content: In this IT project, an IT concept is to be developed to support the activities of an academic research and teaching unit. This includes a precise analysis of the individual processes and possible IT solutions. Based on this, a concept for the sensible composition of these partial solutions (e.g. web server/CMS, version management, literature management, LSF, etc.) must be developed. Subsequently, this concept is to be implemented as a prototype and a migration concept is to be designed.

Benefit: You will become more familiar with the internal structures of the scientific community in Germany and gain an insight into the work and structure behind the scenes of a teaching unit. The problem and the resulting IT solution are closely related to many industrial challenges that arise when designing and implementing new IT infrastructures.

ContactFrank Ortmeier 

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Paper: Slice or Unfold – Experiments on Checking Synchronous Models with Backward Slicing

Our paper "Slice or Unfold - Experiments on Checking Synchronous Models with Backward Slicing" by Tim Gonschorek and Frank Ortmeier was accepted for the "5th International Workshop on Dependable Controle of Discrete Systems" (DCDS 2015) in Cancun.

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Paper accepted for the Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

Our paper "Model-Based Local Path Planning for UAVs" by Tanja Hebecker, Robert Buchholz & Frank Ortmeier was published in the Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems by Springerverlag.

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Paper presentation at the DX'14

Our paper titled "Distributed Diagnosability Analysis with Petri Nets" was presented at the 25th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX'14), held in Graz, Austria, September 8-11, 2014. The DX community is concerned with a variety of theories, principles and computational techniques for the diagnosis, monitoring, testing, reconfiguration, maintenance and repair of complex systems and brings together researchers from diverse backgrounds such as Artificial Intelligence, Control Theory, Systems Engineering and Software Engineering.

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