DependableVR – Towards Virtual Reality in Model-Based Safety Analysis

VDT.cars2_Project Members: Frank Ortmeier, Michael Lipaczewski, Matthias Güdemann
Project Time: 01.01.2011 – 31.08.2013 
Funded By: Federal Ministry of Education and Research 

The increasing complexity of modern software-intensive systems is reaching the limits of traditional analysis and evaluation methods. In this project, it is evaluated whether simulation and virtual reality may push these boundaries.

The basic idea is to build a virtual reality model of the system in question, including relevant actors and the working environment. This simulation can then help with the identification of dangers, the facilitation of traditional safety analysis, and the traceability of formal model-based analysis techniques. The methods developed in this project are tested directly on simulators and demonstrators for the application areas of the overall ViERforES project.

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