NG-Log: Development of Highly Dependable Logistic Systems

Fotolia_41064239_XSProject Members: Frank Ortmeier, Matthias Güdemann
Project Time: 01.01.2011 – 31.08.2013 
Funded By: Federal Ministry of Education and Research 

Continuous monitoring of goods along whole logistic chains is an often-demanded property. To enable it, goods have to be monitored continuously using suitable sensor systems.

At the same time, these sensor systems themselves have to be highly dependable, as they also form the basis for the identification of potential damages or mistakes during transport, storage or access. Thus, the demand of international logistic hubs for sensor systems  that can be verified and validated will grow. Consequently, there is a sizable market potential for suitable planning and evaluation software.

In this project, new planning and evaluation software is developed that helps to create a time-dependent simulation program of planned logistic scenarios based on information of its future environment. These models can then be used to create a reliable and traceable assessment of the efficacy of the sensor system in question before it is put into service. This requires to consider not only ideally cooperative situations. The model should also behave similar to the real system when components fail and environmental conditions are adverse.

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