Current Research Projects

We are working on a number of projects. You can find a list of the current projects below.

Please also note our concluded projects.

Aktuelle Projekte

The Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Magdeburg supports small and medium-sized enterprises with the proven transfer approach of informing, qualifying, implementing and networking on the topic of digitalisation. Our goal is to accompany these companies, even across organisational boundaries, on their path of digital transformation towards competitive products and services, innovative business models and efficient value creation networks.

Machine Learning (ML) is currently viewed as the most promising approach for autonomous driving. In safety-critical contexts, like autonomous rail vehicles, ML models have to be provenly robust in order to, for example, detect vehicles on roads reliably. The project SafeTrAIn aims to set the foundation for the safe deployment of ML models in autonomous rail vehicles, thereby taking steps towards utilizing ML models in autonomous vehicles in general. 

The goal of the VIP+ project is to transfer the research on task sequencing, robot movement optimization, and exact path following by nonlinear model-predictive control into an industrial application to enable more companies to integrate robots into their production process.

The WAKOS project aims to develop technologies for the use of liquid hydrogen as an energy source for new types of aircraft propulsion systems. The aim is to develop and implement a new type of combustion chamber and the necessary control, regulation and distribution systems for conditioning liquid hydrogen, taking into account relevant operating conditions, safety aspects and aviation-specific requirements.

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