Fotolia_45712440_XS1Project Members: Agnes Madalinski (Project Leader), Michael Lipaczewski, Marco Filax, Tanja Hebecker, Severin Orth
Project Time: 1.10.2012 - 30.9.2015 
Funded By: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung 

More and more functions in complex technical systems are realized in software. This leads to the term of "software-intensive systems". However, many of these systems require highest dependability standards as system failure might cause injuries or even deaths. Traditional techniques for safety analysis and methods for software design are no longer sufficient. In academia, and particularly in our research group, several new model-based methods to solve this problem have been developed in the last decade.

In our project "Validation of innovation potentials of model-based safety analysis methods (VIP-MoBaSA)", we will bring these methods from the academic level to industrial application. This is a considerable software engineering challenge as it requires not only professional design and implementation, but also legal certification of the methods themselves in order to be usable in industry projects. As part of the project, we will demonstrate that implementation and certification are both possible in the exemplary domain of railroad systems. The project volume is about 1.8 million Euro and will involve five full-time, third party-funded researchers for three years at the CSE research group.







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