ObViewSly 4.0: Object extraction from 3D mass geoinformation data

obviewslyProject Members: Prof. Dr. Frank Ortmeier
Project Time: 01.05.2019 - 30.04.2022 
Funded By: EFRE 

The goal of this project is to develop an algorithm which supports users during the extraction of 3D geometrical data from aerial images.

The aim of the project "ObViewSly 4.0" is to develop a novel method for the semi-automatic, interactive derivation of 3D geodata products from aerial images. The user should be given the possibility to derive 3D objects from mass data easily and quickly. Furthermore, an automatic, area-based derivation of 3D geodata products is to be achieved without the need for user interaction.

The market launch of this product is to take place in various steps, depending on the version status and the operational capability. The following sub-goals are planned in this project:

  • Automated detection of buildings in textured 3D mesh data
  • Creation of textured 3D objects from 3D mesh data
  • Texture analyses for information extraction of the vector objects
  • Aggregation of objects with external data records (owner, use)
  • Usage analyses for urban areas
  • Socio-economic analyses


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